The Fantastic Adventures of Erell is a children’s book project that is currently in development and that should see the light of day in a near future.  

My hope is for this project to flourish into a series of books, each composed of short illustrated tales. It’s a project I’ve been thinking about for several years now but that really started to take shape recently, when the planets aligned and Erell finally sprang to life on paper. I’ve always loved to set my scenes around Halloween and Samhain in my art, so it felt only natural to surround Erell with pumpkins, ghosts and other mystical creatures. Illustrations for the book will be created using only nibs dipped in black ink (with a few colorful exceptions) and glided over an aged paper, the whole wrapped in a cover consumed by time, something that will make the book look both precious and timeless. What I have in mind is a little book that could be taken anywhere and that would fit perfectly into the small hands of children.
What I like most about this project is being able to convey important messages and values to young readers through the story. Among others, the main themes will be respect, tolerance and kindness, all scattered throughout a fantastical journey filled with magic, mystic tales and Celtic legends, and with our little fairy as the center point. 

You’ll be able to follow the project as it evolves, here, on this page. Here’s to hoping that it will reach young readers and put stars in their eyes and hearts alike! 

Erell is a little fairy that lives surrounded by pumpkins and eerie creatures such as Korrigans, in a mystical forrest deep in the land of Douarnenez, Brittany. Orphan from a young age, she has learned to be very resourceful and self-dependent over the years. She has shown to be a bit clumsy when casting spells with her magic wand, but she has never backed down from an occasion to help others. Kind and generous, she always puts others first. She has a sweet spot for lemon pie and carrot juice, but one thing she loves above everything else is stargazing, trying to make out constellations on the dark canvas of the night sky. It’s a sight that has never failed to fascinate her. 

Her home nests near the tallest and oldest oak in the forest. It is said to be a Korrigan lair, but no one has ever seen the sight of one so far. Erell loves the pumpkins and mushrooms that grow in her garden. She takes special care in cultivating them, along with the small vegetable patch that can be found at the back of her house (so much so that it seems that everything in her home grows as if by magic!). 

Erell also decorates her house with special care. She likes soft and nuanced colors, those that remind her of Nature and refined materials such as wood and stone. She loves the smell of hot cocoa with a dash of cinnamon, as well as the smells of toasted brioche and home-made jam still simmering on the fire. She also loves the sound that the crackling fireplace makes, as well as the soft light that the flickering candles produce. It’s when all of these sensations are found lingering around her house that Erell feels most satisfied and comfortable, and allows herself to sink in her huge armchair with a good book. When this happens, she feels like she couldn’t possibly be happier. Like you must have understood by now, Erell likes the simple things in life, for she has learned over time that they often were the most valuable and that you had to appreciate them fully.   

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