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“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith,

for to have faith is to have wings.

J.M. Barrie



J’ai eu la très grande chance de pouvoir répondre à une itw (en anglais uniquement / US) pour le site Other Cool Birds. Et c’est la toute première fois que j’ai le plaisir de constater que mon travail peut être perçu tel que je souhaite qu’il le soit, c’est à dire à travers une lecture entre les lignes. Merci à L.Wattles pour ce très chouette entretien et surtout pour le texte accompagnant l’article, ses mots si touchants quant à mon travail. L’article est à retrouver ici. Bonne lecture !



I had the very great opportunity to answer questions for the wonderful website Other Cool Birds. That’s actually the very first time someone understand as much my artwork and it was truly appreciated for me to feel understood at this point. Thanks again to L.Wattles for this great itw and especially these words he wrote about my artwork. Touching words. You can check all of this out over here. Hope you’ll enjoy it.






Other Cool Birds: Each of your illustrations conveys a scene and/or a story. Did you have a favorite story/ book, illustration, or illustrator when you were young (or now)? If so, why?

me: My favorite story book as a little girl was for sure A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. And because I’m a huge fan of Disney, I loved (and still do) their adaptation called Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983). All the ingredients that I love are in it. It talks about love, kindness, changing, awareness, generosity, Christmas, winter and I guess about hot cocoa, too!


OCB: It’s interesting that you mentioned those “ingredients,” as I sensed themes like love, kindness, and friendship in your illustrations. That brings me to my next question which was are those themes intentional and, if so, why?

me: Yes, it is. And thank you for seeing them!! I am a hopeful person even though I feel our world getting darker and darker sometimes. I don’t believe in any god, but I keep on believing in Human Nature. I need to talk about sweet people, sweet things, cute animals, beautiful Nature in my art. It’s like a great escape to a better world to avoid crap. I went through bad things as a little girl so believe me, I don’t need darkness anymore, but much more love and kindness indeed.

And because I couldn’t always find it in real life, I create it. My problem is I dislike ‘ninny’ or dumb and boring things, so I always try to manage to avoid this by using a lot of hidden codes, humor or wacky tiny details. Just hope people catch it.






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